How to know the phone number of Android Emulator and change it

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1- Android Emulator SIM card number

One of the biggest advantages of using Android Emulator is that we can do almost everything as if we were working with a physical device. And of course, it also has a SIM card number, which makes it possible to simulate a phone call (or send a message) to Android Emulator. In this article I'm going to show you how to find the SIM card number of the Emulator and change it if you want.
First of all, make sure that your Android Emulator is running, then follow what has been shown in the illustration below:
My Android Emulator phone number is +1-555-521-5554, and you will probably get another phone number.
Each Android Emulator has a phone number with the structure as follows:
  • +1-555-521-[PORT_NUMBER]

Where [PORT_NUMBER] is the port of the Android Emulator.
You can use a Java code to get the phone number information of the Android device, see more in the article below:

2- How to change the phone number

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