Enable USB Debugging on Android Device

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1- Android USB Debugging

During the Android application programming process you want to connect your Android device to the computer, but Android Studio tools do not recognize the existence of the device.
Make sure your Android device has USB Debugging enabled. Depending on the Android version you are using, here are the instructions for each version:
Android 4.2 --> 7.1.2
  • Settings > About Device > Software Info > Build Number
  • OR:
  • Settings > About Phone > Build Number
Android >= 8.0
  • Settings > System > About Device > Build number
  • OR:
  • Settings > System > About Phone > Build number
Tap on "Build Number" option 7 times to turn on the developer mode. By default, Android hides this mode because most of the ordinary users do not need to use it.
Return to the "Settings" menu, and search for "Developer Options", then turn on the "USB Debugging" function:

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