Android TextView Tutorial with Examples

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1- Android TextView

In Android, TextView is a user interface control, which is used to display text. It works like a label. By default, the user will not be able to edit the text content.

2- TextView Attributes

Attribute Description
android:id It is used to uniquely identify the control
android:autoLink It will automatically found and convert URL(s) and email addresses as clickable links.
android:ems It is used to make the TextView be exactly this many ems wide.
android:hint It is used to display the hint text when text is empty
android:width It makes the TextView be exactly this many pixels wide.
android:height It makes the TextView be exactly this many pixels tall.
android:text It is used to display the text.
android:textColor It is used to change the color of the text.
android:gravity It is used to specify how to align the text by the view's x and y-axis.
android:maxWidth It is used to make the TextView be at most this many pixels wide.
android:minWidth It is used to make the TextView be at least this many pixels wide.
android:textSize It is used to specify the size of the text.
android:textStyle It is used to change the style (bold, italic, bolditalic) of text.
android:textAllCaps It is used to present the text in all CAPS.
android:typeface It is used to specify the Typeface (normal, sans, serif, monospace) for the text.
android:textColorHighlight It is used to change the color of text selection highlight.
android:textColorLink It is used to change the text color of links.
android:inputType It is used to specify the type of text being placed in text fields.
android:fontFamily It is used to specify the fontFamily for the text.
android:editable If we set, it specifies that this TextView has an input method.
This attribute tells Android to automatically generate links for phone numbers, addresses, email addresses and website addresses found in the TextView text.
Constant Value Description
all f Match all patterns (equivalent to web|email|phone|map).
email 2 Match email addresses.
map 8 Match map addresses.
none 0 Match no patterns (default).
phone 4 Match phone numbers.
web 1 Match Web URLs

    android:text="Contact: +1-1111222233, example@gmail.com. http://abc.com, 620 Eighth Avenue New York, NY 10018"
    ... />
Click on Phone Link.
Click on Email Link
Click on Web URL
Click on Address Link (Will open Google Map)
This attribute is used to specify a value for the width of the TextView in the EM measurement units. EM is a unit in Typography whose value is the width of the letter "M".
So, android:ems="5" means that it sets the width of the TextView to 5 times as much as the width of the letter "M".
Specifies the text content for TextView.
Specifies the text color for TextView.
Specifies the font size for the text.
Specifies a style for the font, which has four values:
  1. android:textStyle="normal"  (Default)
  2. android:textStyle="bold"
  3. android:textStyle="italic"
  4. android:textStyle="bold|italic"
This attribute has two values, true/false. With the value of true, the TextView text will be in upper case when displayed. Its default value is false.
Sets the background color for the selected sub-text. This attribute comes in handy when you use EditText (a subclass of TextView). EditText permits the user to select and edit its text.
Specifies the font color for the links in the text. (See more about the android:autoLink attribute).
Specifies the font family for the TextView text.

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