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Ubuntu Tutorials
The tutorials

The tutorials

  1. 1
    How to use the "hosts" file?
  2. 2
    Transfer files between computers using Cyberduck on Mac OS
  3. 3
    The softwares create note windows on Desktop for Ubuntu
  4. 4
    Install Ubuntu Desktop in VmWare
  5. 5
    Install GParted hard drive partition software on Ubuntu
  6. 6
    Create a Launcher (Shortcut) for a program in Ubuntu
  7. 7
    Install Ubuntu Server in VmWare
  8. 8
    Install GUI and VNC for Ubuntu Server
  9. 9
    Install GUI and Remote Desktop for Ubuntu Server
  10. 10
    Install OpenSSH Server on Ubuntu
  11. 11
    Install Firefox Browser on Ubuntu
  12. 12
    Redirect port 80, 443 on Ubuntu using iptables
  13. 13
    Use WinSCP to transfer files between Computers
  14. 14
    Use Top Command - Task Manager for Ubuntu
  15. 15
    Check Internet Speed with speedtest-cli on Ubuntu
  16. 16
    Install Winrar on Ubuntu
  17. 17
    Install xChm Viewer to read the CHM file on Ubuntu
  18. 18
    Install TeamViewer on Ubuntu
  19. 19
    Peek: Animated GIF Screen Recorder Software for Ubuntu
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