Request an SSL certificate from Amazon ACM

  1. Request an SSL certificate
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In this article I will show you how to request a public SSL certificate from Amazon ACM for your domain. Make sure that your domain's DNS service has been migrated to Amazon Route 53.

1. Request an SSL certificate

First, login to Amazon ACM:
Click "Request certificates" to request an SSL certificate from Amazon.
We will request a public certificate.
Enter the domain or subdomain for which you want to create a certificate.
Before providing an SSL certificate to you, ACM must validate to make sure that you are the owner of that domain name. This validation is done via DNS or Email.
Click the "Request" button to send a request to Amazon ACM.
Next, click on "List certificates" to see a list of your certificates that are managed by ACM.
The list you see will include the certificate you just requested, which is waiting to be validated.
If you have migrated your domain's DNS service to Amazon Route 53, validation is extremely simple. Click the "Create records in Route 53" button.
A CNAME record is waiting to be created on Amazon Route 53 for validation. You just need to click the "Create records" button to create it.
Finally, wait a few minutes until your certificate is issued.

2. Maybe you are interested

Requesting an SSL certificate is necessary for several services in AWS: