Amazon AWS Policy Generator - policygen

  1. Using AWS policygen
The AWS Policy Generator is a tool that enables you to create policies that control access to Amazon Web Services (AWS) products and resources.
This tool supports the following policy types:
  • IAM Policy
  • S3 Bucket Policy
  • SNS Topic Policy
  • VPC Endpoint Policy
  • SQS Queue Policy
AWS policies are written based on "AWS Policy Language" in JSON format. The JSON elements of this language are explained in the official AWS references:
AWS policygen tool

1. Using AWS policygen

AWS policygen is a simple online tool that does not require login, but because of its simplicity, it is not really convenient, the data entry fields are quite short, making it difficult for users.
We will now use this tool to create a simple Bucket policy.
Note: Each policy will include one or more Statement(s). So after entering all the information on the form, click "Add Statement" to complete the current Statement and start a new Statement.
The tool will display a list of Statement(s) you just created. Finally, click the "Generate Policy" button to generate the policy JSON code.
Results received: