Create a Google Service Account

  1. Create a Google Service Account
  2. Create a Key for Google Service Account
A Service Account is a special account typically used by an application or Compute Engine Instance, instead of a human.
For Google, Service Account is identified as a special email associated with that account, it has the following format:
  • xxx@yyy.gserviceaccount.com
  • my-service-account@key-fabric-293816.iam.gserviceaccount.com
Assuming you have a Service Account, you will have an email with the format above. This account can call a certain Google service. For example, it can call the Google Search Console service to request removal of one of your URLs from Google search results, or request indexing of a new URL.
Note that the above email is a special email, it is not intended for humans so you cannot access it in the usual way. The most common use is to attach it to a resource running the application.
For example, you have a Google Search Console account, which allows you to manage your websites and their indexing status on Google Search. This account is associated with your regular email. You can attach your Google Service Account email to your Google Search Console account, like below:
Sau khi một Google Service Account được gắn vào một tài nguyên cụ thể, nó có thể tương tác với tài nguyên đó.
In this article, I will guide you to create a Google Service Account and download credentials as a JSON file.

1. Create a Google Service Account

First of all, you need to log in to Google Cloud Console. (Create a Google Cloud Console account and a project if you don't have one already).
Next, create a Credentials.
[..] >> APIs & Services >> Credentials
+ CREATE CREDENTIALS > Service Account
Set a name appropriate to the intended use of the Google Service Account you are creating.
A Google Service Account has been created.

2. Create a Key for Google Service Account

Click on the "Edit" icon of a Service Account:
Add key for Google Service Account:
A key is generated, and a JSON file is also downloaded and stored on your computer. You need to put it in a safe location. Note that Google does not allow you to download this file a second time.