How to remove applications from Android Emulator?

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1- Why?

In the process of the Android application development, it is necessary to test your applications on Android Emulator. If there are too many applications accumulating on the Emulator which make it run slower, you need to remove these applications from the Emulator.
When removing an application from the Emulator, all the permissions that you have given to the application will also be removed. It is essential for you to test the applications that require user's permission. For example, an application needs to ask the user for permission in order to read and write data on the SD Card. If the user approves, the application does not need to ask the user again.

2- Wipe Data

The simplest way to remove an application that you have tested on the Emulator is to return the Emulator to its original state.
  • Tools > AVD Manager
A window will open, you will see a list of all your virtual devices.
Select "Wipe data":

3- Uninstall a specific application

On Android Emulator, follow the steps illustrated below to get access to the Settings.
First, click on "Apps & notifications" option.
Then, select the application that you want to uninstall.

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