Install Flutter SDK on Windows

  1. Download Flutter SDK
  2. Installing Flutter SDK
  3. Add an environment variable

1. Download Flutter SDK

Flutter is a Mobile UI Framework, an open source created by Google. Its purpose is to create applications that can run on a different variety of platforms such as Android, iOS and Web.
Google offers three channels for you to download Flutter depending on your purpose.
Stable Channel
Stable Channel allows you to download the stable version of Flutter at the product level. You can use it without worrying about bugs in the code.
Beta Channel
Beta Channel allows you to download the version of Flutter with the latest features. However, it has not been officially released yet because it takes more time to test for its stability. You can download this version if you want to learn about the new features in advance.
Dev Channel
Dev Channel allows you to download the version of Flutter with all the features being developed by the Flutter design team. Nonetheless, this version is constantly changing and unstable.
To download Flutter,visit the link below.

2. Installing Flutter SDK

Firstly, extract the file that you have downloaded in the above step to a certain folder, for example:
  • C:/fluter
Next, open CMD window and go to C:/flutter/bin. Enter the "flutter" command and press Enter.

3. Add an environment variable

You also need to add the Flutter path to the Environment Variable, which is necessary for you to use Flutter SDK from anywhere on your computer.
Then press WIN + R to open the RUN window.
After that, enter the following command to open the Environment Variables window:
rundll32.exe sysdm.cpl,EditEnvironmentVariables
Later, select the "Path" variable and press "Edit":
Now you can use the "flutter" command from any folder on your computer.
Note: You may need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

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