Install Flutter Plugin for Android Studio

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1- Flutter Plugin

As you all know, Android Studio is an IDE used to develop Android apps and created by Google. You can also use Android Studio in order to learn Dart language or develop Flutter apps, which requires you to install some more related plugins. All thee, Android Studio, Dart and Flutter are created by Google; therefore, Android Studio is definitely the most appropriate IDE to develop the Flutter apps due to its greatest support.
Flutter is a Mobile UI Framework. It uses Dart language to write apps, so make sure you have already installed Dart SDK:
And Dart Plugin in Android Studio:
Next, Install Flutter SDK:
In order to install Flutter Plugin, first of all, open Android Studio and select:
  • File > Settings... > Plugins (Windows)
  • Preferences > Plugins (Mac OS)
After installing Flutter Plugin successfully, you need to restart Android Studio for changes to take effect.
Finally, And check to make sure the functionality to create a new Flutter project is available on Android Studio.
  • File > New > New Flutter Project...

2- Creating your first Flutter app

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