Lightshot - Screenshot tool for Mac and Windows

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1- What is LighShot?

LighShot is a program that helps you take screenshot of your computer in the part or in the whole. This is a free, light, convenient and very easy- to-use software. LighShot supports 2 operating systems: Windows and Mac OS
Main features of​​​​​​​  LighShot:
  1. Allow to take screenshot in the part or in the whole.
  2. Allow editing directly on the  photographed area, such as adding text, simple geometric objects, ... 
  3. Allow sharing photos on social networks, ..
Retina Display
Retina display technology is now a new trend that helps create high-resolution screens, clearer images by enhancing pixel density; for example, Macbook Pro 2018 of Apple which is using this technology.
On the Mac OS, you can take screenshot  in the part or in the whole using Command+Shift+4 without using the LighShot software. However, if you are using the Retina screen, you will receive a picture with the double size, and the picture size is very large. You need to use another tool to reduce the size of the photo file, which is really inconvenient. 
 LighShot software has an option that allows you to take screenshot and create an image with the same size as the frame size you choose. 

2- Download LighShot

You can download LighShot at the following address:
I do not refer to installation and use because it is very simple for everyone.