Install Pinta on Ubuntu - Mspaint for ubuntu

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1- What is Pinta?

Pinta is an open source  software, used for editting photos. It is a compact program which is suitable for all operating systems, inspired by a similar program called Paint.net. It is noted that the Paint.net is used only for Windows operating systems. The Pinta is evaluated to be better than Paint.net and has more functions. 
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2- Install the Pinta from "Ubuntu Software Center"

The simplest way for installing the Pinta is to install it from "Ubuntu Software Center".
Search with the  "Pinta" key word, and then, double click on the Pinta software found by you to install it.

3- Install the Pinta with commands

Open the Termial window and execute the following cammands to add PPA-Pinta to your system and update the system.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pinta-maintainers/pinta-stable

sudo apt-get update
Next, install the Pinta:

sudo apt-get install pinta

4- Run the Pinta software

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