Install PuTTY on Windows

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1- Download PuTTY (Windows)

To download PuTTY, you can assess to the address:
The result of download:

2- Install PuTTY (Ubuntu/Linux)

With the Ubuntu / Lunux operating system, PuTTY installation is very simple, just execute the following command:

sudo apt-get install putty

3- Using PuTTY

Open PuTTY to connect it to a computer (E.g: Ubuntu Server).
I take a illustration of connecting to Ubuntu Server as follows:
Note: Make sure that the Server that you connect to has SSL Server installed.
See more:
  1. Enter the IP address of the server.
  2. Name the connection.
  3. Press SAVE to save the information.
Press Open to open the connection:
Log in Ubuntu:
And now you can execute commands via  PuTTY, e.g: see the version of Ubuntu:

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