Install EMF for Eclipse

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1- Introduction

This document is based on:
  • Eclipse 4.5 MARS
In some Eclipse package you downloaded are often already intergrated EMF.  So you need to check your eclipse ready for programming EMF or not.
In case your  Eclipse  have not been integrated EMF you can see further guidance in this document.
To check, in Eclipse choose:
  • File/New/Other...
If there is  "Eclipse Modeling Framework" wizard on Dialog that means EMF already installed on your Eclipse. You may be willing to work with EMF without having to install anything.

2- Install EMF into Eclipse

Download results:
In Eclipse select:
  • Help/Install New Software...
There are several Bundle in EMF are used to working with RAP & GWT applications, requires the installation RAP & GWT in Eclipse in advance,  if you do not install RAP, GWT the Bundle will be ignored. Click Next to continue the installation.
Wait until the installation is complete.
Click Yes to start the Eclipse, the installation is complete.