Install Ruby Development Tools for Eclipse

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1- Install Eclipse

First make sure that you have installed Eclipse, this is an IDE to program Java, but it also is an IDE to program Ruby if you install a plugin that  support programming Ruby, if you haven't  installed Eclipse see the instructions at:

2- Install Ruby Plugin into Eclipse

After installing Eclipse, open Eclipse to install Ruby plugin, this can help you program Ruby on the Eclipse 
In Eclipse select:
  • Help/Install New Software...
  • Name: DLTK
  • Location: http://download.eclipse.org/technology/dltk/updates/
Type "Ruby" to filter the results displayed, check to select the lastest Ruby Plugin to install.
After installating, you need to restart Eclipse.

3- Check after installation

Above you have installed Ruby Plugin into Eclipse, and now you need some checks.
In Eclipse select:
  • File/New/Other...
If you see Ruby Wizard, it means that you have installed successfully Ruby Plugin on Eclipse