Package and deploy Eclipse RAP application

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1- Instroduction

This document is based on:
  • Eclipse 4.4 (LUNA)

  • RAP 2.3

This document uses the results of the tutorial:

2- Install Plugin

To packaged RAP application you need to install plugin "WAR products (Incubation)" into Eclipse.

3- Packaging RAP application

First, to ensure that your RAP application runs fine, directly on Eclipse.
This is a RAP application will be deploy.
In Eclipse select:
  • File/New/Other...
Enter the information as shown below.
  • ID: HelloBasicRAP
  • Version: 1.0
  • Name: Hello Basic RAP
In case you receive an error message:
Click "Add Plug-ins required" to recalculate the required Plugin.
Back and click Validate again, you will receive a notification of successful configuration.
Click "Eclipse Product export wizard WAR" to create war file.
Open it with Winrar:
The associated bundles was packed in the war file.

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