How to get the open source Java libraries as OSGi(s)

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1- Introduction

When you create the Eclipse Plugins project, such as OSGi, RPC, RAP you work with libraries is the Bundles. While there are many open source libraries and you want to use it, such as:
org.apache.poi Apache POI provides an API for producing and interacting with Microsoft documents
Fortunately, Eclipse building project called ORBIT, this project packaged open source libraries as bundles, We can use its

2- Orbit Project

You can download the open source library was packed Bundle here:
You can see a lot of open source libraries packaged as Bundle.
This is a location you can download all of Orbit Bundles:
This is "URL update Site":

3- How to declare and use Orbit Bundle

  • In your workspace, you need to create a "Define Target" to declare the  Bundle location, Bundle you have downloaded the place in a folder, or the Bundle from URL (URL Update Site)
  • Declare your Plugin required Bundle, that you want to use.
  • Apply 'Define Target' for Workspace

4- Create project and create 'Target Define'.

Create a Project used to create 'Target Define'.
Declare the library (Bundle) is available in Eclipse to 'Define Target'.
Next,Declare Orbit Bundle on 'Define Target', you have 2 options, option 1, declare the directory, that contains Bundles you have downloaded from Orbit Site. Or option 2, declare "Update Site URL" of Orbit.
Here we declare from URL:
After completing the declaration on TargetDefine file, click "Set As Target Platform", it will be the library and work for the project in the Workspace.

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