Install xChm Viewer to read the CHM file on Ubuntu

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1- CHM File Format

CHM is a famous file format, mostly used on Windows operating system. The Windows usually uses this format for guiding, assisting files. The principle is that all HTML format instructions and the relevant data such as Image, Css, Javascript, Text will be compressed into a single file with the CHM ending.
The CHM format is supported by Windows and you don't need to install anything more. But, if you use Linux (Ubuntu,..) operating system, you need to install a piece of software to read the CHM format:
xCHM is a software to read CHM formats. It suports Linux (Ubuntu,..) operating system.

2- Install xChm

Installing the xChm on Ubuntu (Linux) is very simple. You only need to open the Terminal window and execute an only command below:

sudo apt-get install xchm
After finishing the installation, you can open  CHM files with the xChm:

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