Peek: Animated GIF Screen Recorder Software for Ubuntu

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1- What is Peek?

Peek is a simple software helping you record part of the screen and export it into a GIF file. The Peek works as a Camera located at the top of all applications and records the part of screen.
Note: The Peek is an application for the computers using Linux operating system. If you use the Windows operating system, you can install a similar software that is GifCam. In my experience, the GifCam is better software because it creates GIF files with very small capacity while its image quality is very good. Unfortunately, the GifCam supports only Windows operating system.
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2- Install the Peek software

To install the Peek on Ubuntu (Linux), it is very simple - you just need to open the Terminal window and execute the following three commands. You first need to execute the command to add the repository of this  software to your system.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:peek-developers/stable
Next, update your system and install software.

sudo apt update

sudo apt install peek
Run the Peek software:

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