Install Ubuntu Desktop on VirtualBox

  1. Download Ubuntu Desktop
  2. Declare an Ubuntu virtual machine on VirtualBox
  3. Install the operating system
  4. Install additional software

1. Download Ubuntu Desktop

First you need to download Ubuntu Desktop from the address below:
After successful download, you have an ISO file:
  • ubuntu-22.04.3-desktop-amd64.iso

2. Declare an Ubuntu virtual machine on VirtualBox

On VirtualBox click "New" to declare a new virtual machine.
Name and select the folder that will contain your virtual machine.
Set the amount of RAM provided to the virtual machine.
Create virtual hard drives for your virtual machine.
Set the size of the virtual hard drive to be created, minimum size is 15GB.
At this point you have completed declaring a new Ubuntu virtual machine.

3. Install the operating system

In the above step we have declared and configured an Ubuntu virtual machine, the operating system for this virtual machine has not yet been installed. So right now we will install the Ubuntu Desktop operating system for it.
Click the "Settings" button to specify the location of the ISO installation file you downloaded earlier.
The operating system installation process begins.
Click the "Install Ubuntu" button:
Everything is almost complete, you need to wait about 5 to 10 minutes until the installation is finished.

4. Install additional software

After installing Ubuntu, you should install additional software for the Ubuntu virtual machine, this software is necessary so you can copy or share resources between host and the Ubuntu virtual machine.
Insert the CD with additional software into the virtual machine:
  • Devices > Insert Guest Additions CD Image...