Check Internet Speed with speedtest-cli on Ubuntu

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1- Internet Speed

Internet speed is something that you are so interested in because it can be directly related to your work. Normally, you can acess to some websites to check it, for example:
speedtest.net can be regarded as a good website that helps you to check the internet speed. Now I guide you to use the command on Ubuntu to check the internet speed, which means that you don't need access to the website speedtest.net to check. I'm talking about "Speedtest-cli", here is a free program and source code shared on Github.

2- Download speedtest-cli

Firstly, you can run 2 commands below to download speedtest script and grant execute for the tool.

wget -O speedtest-cli  https://raw.githubusercontent.com/sivel/speedtest-cli/master/speedtest.py

chmod +x speedtest-cli

3- speedtest-cli --server

Check the internet speed from the nearest position (Compared to the computer that needs to check).

The option --server allows you to check the internet speed from a certain location.
Parameter Description
--server=6106 Check from HCM (Vietnam), VNPT Network
--server=9994 Check from HCM (Vietnam), Viettel Network.
--server=1776 Check from Chicago (US), Concast Network.
speedtest server list:

4- Other Options

Other options are used for speedtest, you can see at:

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