Install Python on Ubuntu

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1- Download Python

Firstly, you have to access to the address below to download Python:
After having downloaded, you get 1 file:

2- Installing Python

Firstly, you need to extract the file that you have already downloaded above.
Open "Terminal" and CD in the directory that you get after extracting above.
Log in with the ADMIN rights:

sudo su

The "./configure" statement has been already executed.
Execute the next statement "make" to create files.


OK, now you have already Python installed, you need to re-check. Run the statement "python" to work with Python:
Execute some Python scripts:

print ("Hello Python");

1 + 2

3- IDEs for Python

To program Python, you need an IDE (Integrated development environment), which is a tool supporting you in writing code more easily. IDEs below support Python:
  1. PyCharm
  2. Eclipse (Need install PyDev plugin)
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