Install PyDev for Eclipse

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1- What is PyDev?

PyDev is a Plugin allowing you to install on Eclipse, and you can program Python on Eclipse IDE.

2- Requirements

Eclipse is an IDE used to develop Java. However it allow you to install other plugins to become programming tools of other languages such as C/C++, Ruby, Python,...
So, in order to program Python, firstly you have to install Eclipse, then install a Plugin named as PyDev on Eclipse. You can see How to install Eclipse here:

3- Installing PyDev

On Eclipse, select:
  • Help/Eclipse Marketplace...
Enter "PyDev" to search:
When being successfully installed, you need to restart Eclipse:
Next, you need re-check Eclipse after installing. On Eclipse, select:
  • File/New/Other...
If you see PyDev on Wizard window, it means that PyDev has been successfully installed on Eclipse.

4- Configuring Interpreter

Python Interpreter is a interpreter used to translate Python code (written by programmer) into computer code. You need to declare it to Eclipse.
On Eclipse, select:
  • Window/Preferences
  • > PyDev/Interpreters/Python Interpreter
Enter the location of file python.exe. The file is in the Python directory that you have already installed.
Note: If you use the Ubuntu OS, you need to enter:
  • /usr/bin/python<version>

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