Install Python on Windows

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1- Download Python

To download Python, you can access to the address:
After having downloaded, you have a file:

2- Install Python

Run the file you have downloaded above to start installing. Select "Customize Installation" so that you can select the Python location installed.
Select the Python location to install:

3- Start with Python

On "Start Menu" of Windows, you run IDLE (Python 3.6 64bit):
The "Python Shell" program has been run, which is a program helping you to write the Python code. Below is its image:
Enter a code: print("Hello Python") then press Enter.
What is Python Shell?
After you have Python installed, it has one more Python Shell tool which is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) helping you to write the Python code. If you don't want to use Python Shell, you can use another IDE. And make sure that you will use a another better IDE because Python Shell is not suitable for you to develop a large application.

4- IDEs for Python

Some IDEs help you to program Python:
  1. PyCharm
  2. Eclipse (Install PyDev Plugin)

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