Install Oracle Apex 5.0

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  • Oracle APEX 5.0

1- The installation requires

Before installing Oracle Application Express (Oracle APEX) you need to:
  1. Install Oracle Database (10g, 11g or 12c)
You can reference how to install Oracle Database at:

2- Download Oracle APEX

To download, you need to log in with an account of Oracle, if not, you can register a free account.

3- Installing Oracle APEX

Decompress zip file you have downloaded in some position of hard disk drive. Here I decompress it at C:/DevPrograms.
Note: Your folder must be named apex. This is compulsory.
Open CMD and CD to apex directory:
Next, enter sqlplus statement in order to log in sqlplus (Note: Don't open sqlplus directly. It should be through CMD after CD to apex directory).
Sign in to user sys, as sysdba.
Login successful:
Run script apexins.sql

-- Run script apexins.sql with parameters:
-- @apexins.sql tablespace_apex tablespace_files tablespace_temp images
-- Where:
-- tablespace_apex is the name of the tablespace for the Oracle Application Express application user.
-- tablespace_files is the name of the tablespace for the Oracle Application Express files user.
-- tablespace_temp is the name of the temporary tablespace or tablespace group.
-- images is the virtual directory for Oracle Application Express images.
-- (To support future Oracle Application Express upgrades, define the virtual image directory as /i/.)

@apexins.sql sysaux sysaux temp /i/
Wait for about 30 minutes until the above statement is completed.
The above script create some SCHEMA on Database, you can test by querying view ALL_USERS on SQLPlus:

4- Configuring APEX

You need log in SQLPlus again from CMD and sign in sys user as sysdba.
This script will load the Application Express images into XDB and then configure a DAD for use by Application Express in the Embedded PL/SQL Gateway.

-- Running script apex_epg_config.sql with parameter:
-- @apex_epg_config.sql <parent of apex directory>

@apex_epg_config.sql C:\DevPrograms
Unlock user anonymous:

-- Unlock user anonymous:

alter user anonymous account unlock;
Run script apexconf.sql

Used to perform the final configuration steps for Oracle Application Express, including setting the XDB HTTP listener port and Application Express ADMIN password.

-- Running script: @apxconf.sql
-- Setup password for ADMIN
-- Configuring XDB Http Listener port

To user, you can use ADMIN by default, and email can be skipped.
To password, the system requires you to enter a strong password:
Password does not conform to this site's password complexity rules.
  1. Password must contain at least 6 characters.
  2. Password must contain at least one alphabetic character (abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ).
  3. Password must contain at least one punctuation character (!"#$%&()``*+,-/:;?_).
  4. Password must contain at least one upper-case alphabetic character.
  5. Password must contain at least one lower-case alphabetic character.
Port default is 8080:
The configuration has been completed.

5- Running Oracle APEX admin

You have successfully logged into the system of management of Oracle APEX:

6- Getting Started with Oracle APEX programming

Next you can be ready with Oracle APEX programming, you can read document:

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