Create Dynamic Content Region in Oracle APEX (PL/SQL Dynamic Content)

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1- Introduction

This document is based on:
  • Oracle APEX 5.0

Use 'PL/SQL Dynamic Content' you can create any HTML content within a region.

2- Creating dynamic HTML content region

Create a Blank Page:
  • !
Create new region:
  • !
  • PL/SQL Code

   Cursor c_Dept Is
      Select Deptno
      From   Dept;
   Cursor c_Emp(p_Deptno Number) Is
      Select Empno
      From   Emp
      Where  Emp.Deptno = p_Deptno;
   Htp.p('<div class="mytree-container">');
   For Rec_d In c_Dept Loop
      Htp.p('<h4>' || Rec_d.Dname || '</h4>');
      For Rec_e In c_Emp(Rec_d.Deptno) Loop
         Htp.p('<li>' || Rec_e.Ename || '</li>');
      End Loop;
   End Loop;
Running the example:
Custom Style (CSS)
  • TODO

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