Install Ruby on Windows

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1- Download Ruby

To download Ruby, you access to address:
Select the latest version, now  the latest version is 2.2.4,note that you need to check your operating system before downloading, here I downloaded version for 64-bit operating system.
Download results:

2- Installing Ruby

  • Add Ruby executables to your PATH
This makes it possible to run Ruby from anywhere open CMD.
The installation of Ruby has completed.

3- Check after installation

Open CMD and enter:

ruby -v
OK, Ruby has been successfully installed.

4- Install Ruby Plugin into Eclipse

To Ruby programming,  you need to have an IDE. Eclipse is an IDE, it is a tool for Java programming, but it can also be used for Ruby programming, if you install a Ruby plugin, you can see the guide "Install Ruby plugin into Eclipse" at:

5- Quick Learning Ruby for beginners

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