DigitalOcean Spaces Create Access Key

  1. Create Spaces Access Key
The Spaces Secret Key is a long-term credential created so that third-party applications can access the DigitalOcean Spaces Bucket via the Awssdk S3 API. It's basically the same as Access Key in Amazon Web Services.
Spaces Access Key includes two parts: accessKeyId and secretAccessKey. In a third-party application, when a request is sent to the Spaces Bucket Service it will attach this value pair. Here are a sample pair of values:
  • secretAccessKey: sSY02B2WN3F2J1t6sQgrkFqRjtc7ZV9TWGt9EXAMPLE

1. Create Spaces Access Key

First, you need to login to DigitalOcean:
Then click on "API" item in the left menu.
Select the "Spaces Key" tab, and click the "Generate New Key" button:
Enter a name for "Access Key", this name should be a hint as to the intended use of the "Access Key" being created.
An "Access Key" has just been created, please copy it and store it in a safe place. Note that the secretAccessKey value will not be displayed to you again after you leave this page. If you forget this value, you can just create a new "Access Key".