Install Visual Studio Code on Windows

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1- What is Visual Studio Code?

Visual Studio Code is a free source-code editor for Windows, Linux and macOS. Visual Studio Code is developed by Microsoft. It is considered as a perfect combination between IDE and Code Editor.
After being installed, by default Visual Studio Code supports many programming languages such as C/C++, C#, F#, Visual Basic, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. In case you want to use another programming language which is not listed above, you can download an extension. There are many extensions written for Visual Studio Code.
To sum up, here are some reasons you should use Visual Studio Code:
  • Multi-platform support: Windows, Linux, Mac
  • Multi-language support: C/C++, C#, F#, Visual Basic, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, etc.
  • Small size
  • Powerful features
  • Professional Intellisense
  • User-friendly interface
IntelliSense is an abbreviation of Intelligent Sense. A source-code editor featuring IntelliSense means that it is able to recommend code to the user, detect incomplete code, or even supplement missing syntax. Thanks to this, Visual Studio Code is really outstanding.

2- Downlooad Visual Studio Code

3- Visual Studio Code Installation

Installing Visual Studio Code is really simple. What you need is just a few mouse clicks like the illustrations below:
There you go, Visual Studio Code has been successfully installed. Here is the image of its first launch:

4- Other installations

Visual Studio Code supports many different programming languages. However, to be able to use it, you need to install a few more Plugins. Here are a few suggestions for you:
Dart Programming:

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