RESTClient A Debugger for RESTful Web Services

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1- What is RESTClient Addons?

The RESTClient is a debugger tool that is set up for the browsers to help you to customize the requests sent to a RESTful serivce. It supports the programmers in developing the RESTful Service test application for their services.
If you use Firefox, you can set up Addons named as RESTClient.
If you use Chrome, you can set up Advanced RESTClient.

2- Install RESTClient into Firefox

Enter keyword "RESTClient" to find:
After installation is complete, restart firefox.
You can see the RESTClient icon on Firefox:

3- Using RESTClient (Firefox)

Enter URL of RESTful Web Service. For example:
  • http://localhost:8080/HelloRESTful/rest/weather/chicago/2016-08-27
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Custom request header:

4- Install Advanced RESTClient into Chrome

Seach: Advanced RESTClient
  • chrome://apps/

5- Using Advanced RESTClient (Chrome)

Let's enter URL of the RESTful service then specifying the parameters for the Header.
Results received:

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