Install Oracle JDeveloper 12c on Windows

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1- Download Jdeveloper 12c

To download JDeveloper, go to address:
Note: In order to download it, you must log in an Oracle account, if you do not have the account, you can register it for free.
You download 2 files (Disk 1 and disk 2 respectively) in which disk 1 is a exe file and the other is a zip file.
Unzip file:

2- Requirements

JDeveloper is an IDE to develop Java applications according to Oracle technology. In order to set up JDeveloper 12c, you must be sure that your computer has Java >=7 installed. If not, you can see the installation guide here:

3- Installing JDeveloper

Select a location to install, such as:
  • E:\DevPrograms\JDeveloper12c
When the installation is completed, you need to press "Finish" in order to finish and open JDeveloper for the first run.

4- Running JDeveloper

In the first run, JDeveloper asks you to select roles, let's select All Features.
The image of JDeveloper in the first run.

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