Install RoboMongo on Windows

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1- What is RoboMongo?

RoboMongo is a visual tool helping you manage Database MongoDB. It is a part of free open source software supporting all of three operating systems: WindowsLinuxMac OS.

2- Download RoboMongo

3- Installing RoboMongo

4- Running RoboMongo

Run RoboMongo, and create connection.
Create a connection to localhost
Successful connection.

5- Create database

Create a collection, it corresponds to a table in a relational database.
Insert the document into collecton, it corresponds to a record in the relational database.

dept_id : 10,
dept_no : "D10",
dept_name : "ACCOUNTING",
location : "NEW YORK"

dept_id : 20,
dept_no : "D20",
dept_name : "RESEARCH",
location : "DALLAS",
description : "First department"    

dept_id : 30,
dept_no : "D30",
dept_name : "SALES",
location : "CHICAGO"

dept_id : 40,
dept_no : "D40",
dept_name : "OPERATIONS",
location : "BOSTON"    

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