Configure HSQLDB DataSource using Data Source Explorer

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1- Database

In this document, I will guide you to configuration to see HSQLDB on Eclipse . This means that Eclipse is considered as a visualization tool to display the DB structure, see the table ... in an visual way.
HSQLDB is a simple database, written in Java. A type of relational database like MySQL, Oracle, SQLServer.
First make sure you have HSQLDB, and you have to run it.
If not, you need to:
  • Download software HSQLDB (~ 8MB) + Create an example DB simplehr + Run HSQLDB Server.

2- Download JDBC Driver for HSQL DB

The latest version is 2.3.2

3- Configure to view DB on Eclipse

In Eclipse, select:
  • File/New/Others..
Error notification, the JDBC driver library is not found for this type of database (HSQL DB)
Declare the path to the jar file you just downloaded.
  • Database: simplehr
  • Database location: hsql://localhost:9001/
  • User name: sa
  • Password:
Click "Test Connection" to test connection.
You can see the structure of the database simplehr, see the PUBLIC schema.

4- Query data on Eclipse

Results seen in Eclipse:
Open SQL window:
Query results:

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