BIRT reporting Programming Tutorial for beginners

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1- Introduction

This document is based on:
  • Eclipse 4.4 (LUNA) (or newer)
  • BIRT 4.4

2- Reporting interface after project completion

This is a photo of report will be made in this document:
Raw data:
First of all, we need to understand some professional knowledge:
  • A CUSTOMER can create one or more ACCOUNT in a branch of some bank.
  • Each account corresponds with a service PRODUCT provided by the bank.
  • Each account has an AVAILABLE BALANCE.
For convenience, you can look at the following raw data.
** SQL **

Select Acc.Account_Id
    ,Cus.Address        Cust_Address
    ,Acc.Product_Cd -- Product Code (Service of Bank)
    ,Acc.Open_Branch_Id -- Branch (of Bank)
    ,Bra.Name           Branch_Name
    ,Acc.Avail_Balance -- Available Balance
From   Account  Acc
    ,Customer Cus
    ,Branch   Bra
Where  Acc.Cust_Id = Cus.Cust_Id
And    Acc.Open_Branch_Id = Bra.Branch_Id;

3- The installation requires

BIRT Plugin:
For programming BIRT report, you need to install BIRT tools into Eclipse. You can see the instructions at:
Sample database:
LearningSQL is a small database used commonly in the instruction of o7planning. The instruction of programming BIRT report also uses data on this Database. You need to create this Database (It takes only 5 minutes) as the following instruction:
JDBC Driver library for Databases (OracleMySQLSQLServer) and its use:
Depending on the type of Database, you use the equivalent JDBC Driver library of that Database (It takes you 3 minutes to finish it), look at the instruction of download at:

4- Create BIRT Project

In Eclipse select: 
  • File/New/Other...
Enter Project name:
  • HelloBIRT

5- Create Data Source

Create a Data Source from JDBC, or XML,... In this document, we will create Data Source from JDBC connected with LearningSQL database.
Here I connect JDBC with LearningSQL database (on DB Oracle). However, other Database manipulation is carried out alike.
ojdbc6.jar is a JDBC Driver library for Oracle
See more:
Check whether database LearningSQL has been connected or not.

6- Create dataset

  • Data Set Name: Account avail balance

Select Acc.Open_Branch_Id
     ,Bra.Name           Branch_Name
     ,Cus.Address        Cust_Address
From   Account  Acc
     ,Customer Cus
     ,Branch   Bra
Where  Acc.Cust_Id = Cus.Cust_Id
And    Acc.Open_Branch_Id = Bra.Branch_Id
Order  By Acc.Open_Branch_Id

7- Create new Report

In Eclipse select:
  • File/New/Other...
  • File name: BranchReport01.rptdesign

8- Configuring the size of the report

We create a default report whose size is the same as that of an A4 paper.
Select property: 
  • Orientation: Landscape
Configuring Border:
You can also change other properties.

9- Interface Design (Header)


For internal use only

10- Design charts

11- Run reports for the first time

12- Designing the body of the report

Raw data like the illustration below:
But we will design the report so that its display is more simple and eye-catching (As the below illustration)
We will carry out step by step.
Drag and drop Table icon into the screen of report.

13- Run report (2)

14- Edit style (1)

The report runs, but its interface is not beautiful. We need to adjust some styles.

15- Run report (3)

16- Sub Total

17- Run Report

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