Install Buildship for Eclipse - Gradle plugin for Eclipse

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1- What is Buildship?

Buildship is a set of plugins to integrate your Gradle build into Eclipse. Buildship makes Eclipse more powerful by providing a very deep integration of Gradle into the IDE, allowing you to do more right from within the IDE.
You can see more about Buildship here:

2- Install Buildship into Eclipse

Go to URL:
Currently, the latest version of BuildShip is 1.0.20, the version 2.0 has not yet released. So, we will install the version 1.0.20.
  • Help/Install New Software...
In Eclipse select:
  • Name: Buildship
  • Location: http://download.eclipse.org/buildship/updates/e46/releases/1.0/1.0.19.v20160830-1454
After installation is complete, you need to restart Eclipse.
Check after the complete installation:
  • File/New/Other..
OK, you have successfully installed Buildship.

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