Installing React Plugin for Atom Editor

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1- What is React Plugin?

Probably , you are interested:
If you are using the Atom editor to program React applications, you should install React Plugin. This plugin helps Atom highlight JSX code.
OK, as you know, the  React uses  JSX ( Javascript Syntax eXtension). The syntax of  JSX is the combination between  Javascript and XML. The  JSX files have the extension such as  jsx.
When not installing the  React Plugin, the  JSX file is handled as a normal text file. It is very difficult for you to observe codes. Below is the illustration of a  JSX file opened on  Atom (the  React Plugin is not installed).
Excellent! Everything changes after you install  React Plugin !!

2- Install React Plugin

First of all, make sure that your computer has Git installed. Below is the Git installation instruction that you can refer to:
On the  Windows, open  CMD window (or open the  Terminal window if you use  Ubuntu operating system or  Mac OS operating system) and execute the following command:

apm install react
That is all to be performed!!

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