Android Programming Tutorials
The tutorials

The tutorials

  1. What is needed to get started with Android?
  2. Installing and Configuring Android Studio
  3. Installing Intel Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager (Intel® HAXM)
  4. Configuring Android Emulator on Android Studio
  5. Android Tutorial for Beginners - Hello Android
  6. Android Tutorial for Beginners - Basic examples
  7. Using image assets and icon assets of Android Studio
  8. Using Android Device File Explorer
  9. Enabling USB Debugging on Android Device
  10. Setting SD Card for Android Emulator
  11. How to know the phone number of Android Emulator and change it
  12. How to add external libraries to Android Project in Android Studio?
  13. How to disable the permissions already granted to the Android application?
  14. How to remove applications from Android Emulator?
  15. Android UI Layouts
  16. Android LinearLayout
  17. Android TableLayout
  18. Android FrameLayout
  19. Android Checkbox
  20. Android RadioGroup and RadioButton
  21. Android Chip and ChipGroup
  22. ChipGroup and Chip Entry Example
  23. Android Toast
  24. Create a custom Android Toast
  25. Android SnackBar
  26. Android TextClock
  27. Create a simple File Chooser in Android
  28. Create a simple File Dialog Finder in Android
  29. Android AutoCompleteTextView and MultiAutoCompleteTextView
  30. Android ImageView
  31. Android ImageSwitcher
  32. Android ScrollView and HorizontalScrollView
  33. Android WebView
  34. Android SeekBar
  35. Android Dialog
  36. Android AlertDialog
  37. Android CharacterPickerDialog
  38. Android DatePicker
  39. Android TimePicker
  40. Android TimePickerDialog
  41. Android OptionMenu
  42. Android ContextMenu
  43. Android PopupMenu
  44. Android Fragments
  45. Android ListView
  46. Android ListView with Checkbox using ArrayAdapter
  47. Android GridView
  48. Android CardView
  49. Android StackView
  50. Android Camera
  51. Android MediaPlayer
  52. Android VideoView
  53. Playing Sound effects in Android with SoundPool
  54. Android Networking
  55. Android JSON Parser
  56. Android SharedPreferences
  57. Android Internal Storage
  58. Android External Storage
  59. Android Intents
  60. Example of an explicit Android Intent, calling another Intent
  61. Example of implicit Android Intent, open a URL, send an email
  62. Android Services
  63. Android Notifications
  64. Android SQLite Database
  65. Google Maps Android API
  66. Android Text to Speech
  67. Android AsyncTask
  68. Android AsyncTaskLoader
  69. Get Phone Number in Android using TelephonyManager
  70. Android Phone Call
  71. Android Wifi Scanning
  72. Android 2D Game Tutorial for Beginners
Android Programming Tutorials
The small examples

The small examples

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