Installing and Configuring XCode

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1- Download XCode

Make sure that your Mac OS operating system is  using the version  10.11 or newer. It is a condition to be able to install XCode 7.x, in the opposite case you will get the message as shown below:
If you do not have a real Mac OS computer, you can install an  virtual Mac OS operating system running on VMWare, this is a feasible way to get Mac OS operating system, and can install XCode. You can see the instructions at:
You access this link to download Xcode:
Choose lastest  Xcode version, current version is 7.x, which has capacity of 5GB. 

2- Copy XCode to Application

Running XCode- **. dmg files that you have downloaded in above step.
Drag and drop XCode into Application.
Waiting until the copy is competed. 

3- Installing XCode

After installing and copying Xcode to  Application, you need to install it.
Click the drive icon on the screen.
Open Application folder:
Click to Xcode icon to install.
That's OK, all are already, you can start a  XCode Project.

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