Using the Android Device Monitor

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1- Android Device Monitor

Android Device Monitor is a tool to manage Android devices, it is a tool for the development of Android applications, can explore your Android device.

If you are a programmer, sometimes you needs to see the file system on the simulation device , copy the files in your simulation Android device to computer  and vice versa.
In this document I guide you to use the  " Android Device Monitor" tool.

2- Openning Android Device Monitor

We must first ensure that your device simulation is being run.
Next, In Android Studio select:
  • Tools/Android/Android Device Monitor
Android Device Monitor is opened.

3- Some functional simulator

There are several functional simulator is supported by " Android Device Monitor".

3.1- Create a message

Switch to " Emulator Control" TAB .

Here I simulate a phone number " 01234567" to send messages to your simulation phone.
After clicking "Send" you will receive a message on the  simulation device. Same illustrated below:

3.2- Make a call

Assuming phone number 01234567  call to simulation device.
The simulation mobile has received calls.

4- Explore file system

Switch to the " File Explorer"  TAB,  you can see files and folders of simulation equipment.
The file system as you can see in the illustration below, it is a lot and confusing. However you need to pay attention to the  " storage"  folder  stored by the user.
See a snippet of code:
File dir = Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory();

if (!dir.exists()) {

// file:///storage/emulated/0/myvideo.mp4
String videoPath = dir.getAbsolutePath() + "/myvideo.mp4";

4.1- Copy files from Computer to Android

For example you want to copy a few image  files from your computer to the Android folder.

Select the folder " /storage/emulated/0" and press the (+) to add a subdirectory:
Enter the name of a subdirectory: MyFolder
The folder is created.
To copy files from your PC to the MyFolder folder, click the icon:
Select the files you want to push to the device:

4.2- Copy files from Android to Computer

To copy the file from the emulator to the computer, click the icon:
Save in a specific folder on your computer:

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