Install Web Tools Platform into Eclipse

1- Introduction

This document is based on:
  • Eclipse 4.5 ( >= 4.5)

  • Web Tools Platform (WTP)

Web Tools Platform (WTP) is a visual tools helping you develop the web page.
Note: Eclipse 4.5 (MARS) or the newer version has   Web Tool Platform preinstalled. You can check it by right-clicking on a certain jsp file, then select "Open With", if you see "Web Page Editor" which means the Web Tool Platform has been preinstalled. You can skip this post.

2- Install Web Tools Platform

In Eclipse, select:
  • Name: Web Tool Platform
  • Location:
Check "JST Server Adapters Extension":
  • Window/Reference
Installing "JST Server Adapters Extension":

3- Using Web Tools Platform

After installing  Web Tools Platform in  Eclipse, you can design the interface of  html and  jsp pages through dragging and dropping easily.
Right-click the jsp or html file and select:
  • Open With/Web Page Editor