Install C/C++ Development Tooling into Eclipse

1- Instroduction

This document is based on:
  • Eclipse 4.5 MARS

2- What is CDT?

CDT (C/C++ Development Tooling) is an plugin installed to Eclipse IDE to program C/C ++ application.

3- Install CDT into Eclipse

Go to URL:
In Eclipse select:
  • Help/Install new Software...
  • Name: CDT for Eclipse MARS
  • Location:
After installation is complete, you need to restart Eclipse.

4- Configuring C/C ++ on Eclipse

In Eclipse select:
  • Window/References
  • C/C++ > New C/C++ Project Wizad > Makefile Project
  1. Set it to Windows PE Parser if you are on windows.
  2. Set it to Cygwin PE Parser if you are using Cygwin

Configuring the PATH environment variable:

Append to the end of PATH environment variable: 
  • ;C:\MinGW\bin