Installing and management Visual SVN Server

1- Introduction

In this document, I will instruct you to install Visual SVN. It is a product of Microsoft, and it also has a free standard version.

Visual SVN is used as a Repository Server for storing programming projects shared among team members.  Visual SVN is installed in a host computer while team members will install subversion client. There are many Subversion client programs developed by various companies, and most of them are free

For Java programmers, you can install Subversive into Eclipse, you can easily share and retrieve data from the project on the Server Repository.
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Objectives of the document:
  • Instruct to download Visual SVN
  • Install SVN
  • Create working User, create Repository
  • Decentralize Users' authority to access to Repository.

2- Download VisualSVN

Goto URL:

3- Install Visual SVN

Install in a position on hardware, for example:
  • C:\Program Files\VisualSVN Server
Select the position for the folder containing data (Usually you should put into a safe hardware):
  • C:\Repositories
Click Finish to complete.

4- Create and manage Repository

This is the image showing Visual SVN after it has been ran. We create a new user.
Enter username/password
Next, we create a new Repository named JavaProjects. This is an empty  Repository without data. Data will be pushed on server from a  subversion client (a member of programming group), and will be taken by other members. Members can modify data and push on  Repository. 
By default no one is allowed to access to this Repository, we will decentralize the authority later.
Right-click on Repository "JavaProjects" and select Properties
Click Add to add user who has the authority to access to this Repository.
Select User's authority.
Similarly, you can create other Repository: WorkingDatas
The Visual SVN Installation was successful.

5- Java Programming for team using Eclipse and SVN

You can see more guidelines: Java Programming for team using Eclipse and SVN:

6- Guide for installing and using Tortoise SVN

When the groups work together through sharing files and manipulate on  Window Explorer, you can install   Tortoise SVN. See the instruction at: