Install Subversive Plugin into Eclipse

1- Giới thiệu

This document is based on:
  • Eclipse 4.6 (NEON)

  • Subversive 3.0

  • 14-05-2014: based on (Eclipse 4.4 Luna + Subversive 2.0)
  • 04-07-2015: update (Eclipse 4.5 Mars + Subversive 3.0)

2- Install Plugin

2.1- Subversive Home page

2.2- Instal Plugin

In Eclipse, select "Help/Install New Software.."
Type any name and URL was copied in the previous step, Click OK to Continue..
  • Name: Subversive 3.0
  • Location:
Wait util Eclipse download and installation is complete, display notices up, asking you to restart Eclipse, click OK to restart.
Please note, at the moment you just made half of the job, after Eclipse restarted, it immediately opens up window to continue install next "Subversive Connector". Please do not close that window, because there are trouble if you acidentally close it, you have to manual install it, please see at section below how to manual install. In some case after Eclipse starts up, but the window to continue installtation does not show up, you have to overcome by:
  • Window/Reference...
Click "Team/SVN" window installation "Subversive Connector" will show up for you install. Note that it display single time, if you close it. You can reopen it by click to "Get Connector".
This is window installation for you continue install "Subversive Connector". Select all.
After successful installation. Click "Window/Reference.." to inspect installation is complete.
Using newest Connector:

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